MONAT Litigation Filing Lays Out the Facts

Truth About MONAT

March 23, 2018. Doral, Florida – MONAT Global Corp, a world-class designer, manufacturer, and distributor of hair care products, is asking a federal judge to deny a protective order, a temporary restraining order, and a preliminary injunction (collectively, the “TRO”) barring the company from protecting itself from misleading and malicious claims and defamation.

In their TRO, Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against MONAT allege that MONAT is trying to silence them through legal action, when in fact MONAT filed defamation lawsuits against its most egregious detractors before the class action suit was filed.

In its response to the TRO, MONAT highlighted the fact that to date the Plaintiffs have failed to introduce any evidence, including their own testimony, that MONAT’s products cause any of the medical issues they have alleged (p. 18).

MONAT’s response to the TRO also provides ample and compelling evidence that the class action lawsuit is “the direct results of an anti-MONAT, social media hate group organized by stylists selling competing products” (p. 6).

  • The Plaintiffs support the TRO primarily relying on the statements of a hairstylist named Vicki Nittinger who blames MONAT and the MONAT’s Independent Market Partners for the failure of one of her businesses (pg. 6).
    • Nittinger admits that she has never used MONAT products, nor has she serviced a client who has used MONAT products (pg. 6).
    • Nonetheless, Nittinger falsely, maliciously, and repeatedly contends that MONAT’s products cause widespread damage (pg. 6).
    • The screenshot below shows that Nittinger has been pushing for people to file complaints with the FDA in order to cast MONAT in a negative light for a news story she was pushing:

  • Toni Miller, another hairstylist MONAT sued for defamation, has repeatedly claimed the ingredients in MONAT products lead to infertility and miscarriages among other things (pg. 7).
    • Miller also advertises to “treat” damage caused by MONAT for $45 (pg. 7).
    • Miller pushed other stylists to reach out to her daughter, who is a producer at KTNV Las Vegas, and who was doing a news story on MONAT products.
    • Less than 3 weeks after Monat sued Miller for defamation, KTNV ran a news piece highly critical of Monat.

Separately, MONAT announced today that the FDA conducted a thorough audit of its facilities, manufacturing processes, formulas, labeling and packaging materials, finished and unfinished products, and certain manufacturing records for six days over the period of March 12 through March 20.

At the conclusion of the inspection, the FDA representatives informed the Company that they found no violations or other matters of significant concern. The FDA added that they saw no “red flags” on any ingredient MONAT uses.

The FDA representatives left a list of five minor observations, none relating to formulas or product ingredients. FDA representatives also took samples of finished products and raw materials to be analyzed by the agency. MONAT was told that the results of those tests would be available in approximately six weeks.

All MONAT formulations use ingredients that the FDA and European Commission in the European Union consider “safe for their intended cosmetic purpose.” All MONAT formulations are clinically safety-tested by independent labs to ensure that they do not promote irritation and in those tests, no MONAT formulation has ever shown any potential to cause irritation.

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