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MONAT Market Partner, Jewely Stephens, Donates Award Money to Assist in Sustainable Living at Mercy House

By Truth About MONAT on September 27th, 2018

MONAT Market Partner, Jewely Stephens, made a generous donation of $250,000 to assist in Sustainable Living at Mercy House.

Stephens is a long time Market Partner of MONAT Global, a multinational distributor of premium hair care products, is the company’s inaugural $5 million club member.

This donation was announced in Washington, D.C. at the annual MONATions 2018 event.

Stephens plans to donate the entire award amount to Forgotten Ministries’ Mercy House, which serves Enid, Oklahoma’s homeless population. The donation will be used for a variety of purposes including: completing the build out of the women’s transitional housing, building tiny homes to allow for greater independence of Mercy House’s residents as they enter back into the workforce, and purchasing a growing dome to grow food year-round and provide more income sources for Mercy House.  “The extra food grown in the community gardens and chicken eggs could be sold at our Farmers Market or given to families in our community who need assistance,” commented Stephens.

Jewely Stephens started from humble beginnings with evangelist parents who instilled in her the importance of sharing and giving generously. In 2014, Stephens and her family were having financial difficulties and in an effort to help support her family, she embarked on her MONAT career as one of the company’s first Market Partners. Through hard work, determination and the support of her family, she was named MONAT’s first member of its $5 Million Club in Sept. 2018.

“We wanted to do something big for our inaugural $5 million club member without any restrictions. I am so happy that Jewely and her family chose to donate the entire award to charity, giving back is part of MONAT’s DNA. With our MONAT Gratitude philosophy, we encourage our Market Partners and employees to give back to their local communities because that ultimately makes a global impact. Jewely is an asset to MONAT and to her community.” – Stuart MacMillan, President of MONAT.

Mercy House works to serve the forgotten homeless in the community. In partnership with Forgotten Ministries and Five80 Coffeehouse, the volunteers and staff of Mercy House work to prove shelter, food, educational programs, community gardens, and aan opportunity for guests to become financially independent. This shelter is six months throughout the year, notably during the harshest weather months and is operated solely on the donations of others. It is the intention of Stephens to help Mercy House grow and sustain their operations year-round.

Stephens and her family plan to donate their time and resources to continue helping Mercy House and Forgotten Ministries beyond this donation. This includes a reading program to encourage literacy and a means of making Mercy House’s food source even more sustainable.

 “We are so proud to recognize Jewely and her remarkable MONAT career. Her servant leader heart and donation to Mercy House honors the spirit of gratitude which is alive and vibrant in our MONAT community.” -Luis Urdaneta, chairman of MONAT.

To learn more about the efforts and philosophy of MONAT Gratitude, please visit the official page here. 

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