MONAT Hair Products Facts

Concernant les produits de soins capillaires de MONAT Global:

Prior to visiting our site, you may have seen a series of ugly attacks and allegations about MONAT. You may have read it on a blog, a negative Facebook page, or anywhere else online. Several of these contents may have included altered photographs of damaged scalps as well as horrendous cases of hair loss to suggest that MONAT engages in fraudulent practices and promotes a product that is counter-productive to healthy hair.

It’s okay to have questions about MONAT. We encourage reasonable debate regarding the company and hair care products. What we don’t tolerate is cyberbullying of any form, false claims, and attacks against customers and Market Partners that are unfair, unethical, and illegal.

Not only are many of these claims unsubstantiated by evidence, the people behind them have engaged in attacks of a personal nature while refusing to engage with our company professionals to determine what problems truly exist.

In response to these attacks, several which have been conducted by sellers of rival hair care products, giving MONAT no choice but to take it to court with a defamation lawsuit. MONAT stands by their product and will fight against those spreading.

You want the facts? Here they are:

  • More than half a million people are VIP customers who safely and successfully treat their hair and scalp with MONAT’s products.
  • All MONAT formulations, fragrance included, have been clinically tested for safety to ensure they do not promote irritation or allergic responses. All formulations use ingredients that both the FDA and European Commission considers “safe for their intended cosmetic purpose”.
  • No MONAT formulation has ever shown potential to cause irritation or allergy. Very seldom, due to environmental factors, medications someone may be taking, or because of particularly heightened sensitivity, a person may have a reaction to an ingredient in one of our products, even though that ingredient is acceptable for general cosmetic use.
  • Unless someone has a direct allergy, sensitivity, or underlying skin condition, MONAT products cannot damage the hair and scalp with the speed and severity that they would have you believe. Those who believe they may have a legitimate reaction to MONAT products should contact a trained and licensed physician who can best identify and resolve the issue.

MONAT appreciates any and all feedback on its products and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure they continue being used to promote a natural healthy scalp.