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Three Independent Lab Tests Confirm Effectiveness of MONAT Hair Products

By Truth About MONAT on March 14th, 2018

March 14, 2018. Doral, Florida – MONAT Global Corp, a world-class designer, manufacturer, and distributor of hair care products, today released the results of three, independent clinical tests that confirm MONAT hair products are effective and do not promote hair breakage or further hair damage.  In fact, the products are shown to improve the condition of the hair.

To conduct the studies, MONAT used one of the world’s leading independent clinical testing labs, Kosmoscience Ciência & Tecnologia Cosmética Ltda, an ISO 17025-certified laboratory in Brazil that specializes in skin and hair care product testing. Kosmoscience has tested products for over 2,000 companies including L’Oréal, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson in the past 15 years.

The lab tests evaluated whether MONAT products cause hair damage, weaken hair, or promote tangling, which are three common risk factors for increased hair loss and hair damage. The results showed no damage to the surface of hair or weakening of hair’s physical strength as a result of using MONAT. Additionally, the lab concluded that MONAT products made hair easier to comb. Furthermore, the studies concluded that double processed hair as well as flat ironing were the two primary contributors to hair damage and the MONAT products tested mitigated such damage.

“There have been a number of misleading and inaccurate claims made about MONAT products, and these studies reiterate that MONAT hair products do not cause hair damage. MONAT has even filed lawsuits in connection with such claims. All formulations use ingredients, in concentrations, that are approved by the Personal Care Product Council, and that that the FDA, Health Canada, and the European Commission consider ‘safe for their intended cosmetic purpose,’” said Jamie Ross, Senior VP for Research and Development at MONAT. “Hundreds of thousands of consumers who safely use the MONAT products every day are pleased with their results.”

Official Release: Three Independent Lab Tests Confirm Effectiveness of MONAT Hair Products  

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